1. PLEASE!!! If you are unwell or even think you are unwell, stay at home.
  2. There is a maximum of 50 people allowed in the gym downstairs, 50 people in the Martial Arts Room, and 9 people in the Kitchen at any one time, these numbers allow us to resume business as almost normal, please continue to maintain 1.5m / 1 person per 4 square meters in the gym.
  3. Everyone need to use their access toggle to gain entry or be logged in by a staff member.
  4. Do not let anyone into the facility except in an emergency. Do not hold the door open as you will trigger the alarm.
  5. When entering and exiting the gym please use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance (on your right as you enter) or wash your hands in the toilet wash room. 
  6. We have changed from cotton hand towels to paper towels in the toilets. Please use as needed and place in the bin when finished.
  7. You must wipe down equipment before and after use with a Chux cloth and anti-bacterial disinfectant. 
    1. Location
      1. Gym: The Chux cloths and disinfectant is located on the end of the bag rack near the stairs. 
      2. Martial Arts Room: The Chux cloths and disinfectant is located at the end of the equipment rack.
    2. You can tear off a Chux cloth and spray it with disinfectant then wipe down any equipment you are going to use, keeping it moist as needed.
    3. Or you can directly spray the equipment with the disinfectant and wipe it over with the Chux cloth, please return the spray bottle for the next person.
  8. Please use a towel on equipment in the gym.
  9. To maintain a safe personal space of 1.5m between people in the gym:
    1. To maintain a personal space of 1.5m between people:
      1. we have removed some equipment from service;
      2. we have increased the space between some equipment;
      3. please respect the markings on the gym floor;
      4. please keep 1.5m between yourself and anyone else in the gym & kitchen;
      5. for kids Martial Arts only 1 parent is allowed per family;
      6. for Adult Martial Arts no family members unless they are also training.
  10. Wash your training gear after every use, and use a laundry saintlier like Dettol.

Membership Questions

  • How to join / purchase a membership:
    • Go to the Member Portal: Click Here
    • Click the blue button “Sign Up”
    • Scroll down and select the membership of choice
    • Fill out the details and follow the process until complete
  • How to signup a linked / family member:
    • Go to the Member Portal: Click Here
    • Enter your email and password, press the green button “Member Login”
    • From the options select “Add New Linked Member”
    • Fill-in the details required. Repeat if needed by selecting the “+ Add Linked Family Member”.
    • Click Submit, this will take you back to the main members profile.
    • Scroll down the page and you will find the Linked members List, select the button to login as the member you wish to add a membership for, you will now the see their name at the top of the page.
    • Select “Buy a New Membership”, and follow the steps from there, repeat as many times as needed for each member and each membership required.
  • How to add a suspension / hold:
    • Go to the Member Portal: Click Here
    • Enter your email and password, press the green button “Member Login”
    • From the options select “Add Hold”
    • Fill out the information required, then click the “Add Hold” button again.
    • There is a $5.50 fee for each suspension applied to your membership, this fee is waived during COVID-19.
    • SASSOM does not notify you when your hold finishes, the management system is fully automated and debits will restart once your suspension ends.
    • The management system will pro rata all fees, it may take a couple of payment cycles for your fees to return to normal.
  • How to change your bank account / credit card details
    • Go to the Member Portal: Click Here
    • Enter your email and password, press the green button “Member Login”
    • From the options select “Update Billing Info”
    • Follow the steps for there.
  • How to cancel your membership
    • All cancellations must be made in writing and sent via message on the SASSOM Contact Us page: Click Here.
    • There is a minimum of two weeks’ notice required to cancel a membership.
    • We always reply when we have processed your request, normally within 48 hours.
  • Other fees
    • SASSOM uses eDebit to process electronic payments, these payments can be debited from either a bank account or credit card.
    • eDebit charges a transaction fee of $0.48 per transaction.
    • If you use a credit card it is +1.65% for Master and Visa or 4.2% for Amex on top of the prescribed transaction fee.
    • These fees can be altered by eDebit.
    • eDebit charges an $11.00 fee for failed payments.

Free Trials

  • Gym Free Trial
    • The gym 1-Day free trial is for local Brisbane residents only, you may be ask to show your drivers licence with a local address.
    • The Free Trial can only be used during staffed hours. View Staffed Hours on our Timetable
  • Martial Arts Free Trial
    • The Martial Arts 7-Day Free trial is for Adults and Kids.
    • You can attend any of the classes on our Timetable except the invite only classes.
    • You do not need to book in, just turn up and our friendly instructors will help you get started.
    • You do not need any equipment while you are on a free trial at SASSOM MMA. We will provide you with any equipment you may need, including: Gloves, Shin Guards, Gi (Martial Arts uniform). However if you have your own equipment please bring it with you.

Martial Arts Gym Rules