About SASSOM Kids

At SASSOM Kids we teach self defence though the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/BJJ . BJJ is a Martial Art that optimises the use of leverage, take downs, locks and holds too neutralise an opponent. BJJ is very effective against larger, stronger and heavier opponents. Which make BJJ the perfect Martial Art for self defence.

SASSOM Kids focused on helping your child become bully proof while ensuring they do not become the bully. We do this by teaching them awareness, confidence, responsibility and finally the rules of engagement. If needed the kids that train at SASSOM will have the practical self defence skills to keep them safe.

To ensure the kids learn in a safe and secure environment we separate them into 3-different groups. The age groups below are only a guide.  We move the kids into the classes that will allow them to develop at their own pace.

The Classes:

All classes, are designed specifically to create the best learning outcomes possible. As a child progresses though the age groups the techniques and training become more complex.

  • 2-5 YEARS
    This class is about fun, laughter, and learning basic listening and motor skills. Parents are on the training mat with their kids learning interactive games that they can also take home to play.  It is a great chance for parents to bond with their child while their little one starts their Martial Arts journey.
  • 5-8 Years
    The focus of this age group is building confidence and a foundation of quality martial skills while still having fun. Parents are no longer on the training mat with their kids, instead they get to watch them from the sidelines. In this group the kids practice new simplified Martial Arts skills on the coaches, and at the end of most classes they get to roll / wrestle one another in a controlled and safe environment.
  • 8+ Years
    This age group is about social interaction with other kids, positive attitude and work ethic while developing more advanced martial skills. In this group the kids are trusted to learn and practice their new skills on each other in much the same way as adults train. When children start to mature between the ages of 14-16 they have the chance to trial the adults classes so they can slowly make the transition as they feel comfortable.

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Advanced Classes:

Once a child reaches a certain level of skill, confidence and they show the right attitude, then they can be invited to train in the advanced classes. 

  • Advanced BJJ Classes
    The Advanced BJJ Classes focus’ on the sports competition side of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The kids learn more advanced techniques and how to apply them under the increased stress that only competition can provide safely. 
  • Advanced MMA Classes
    The Advanced MMA Classes introduce the kids to striking, and how to combine the stand up art of Muay Thai with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. SASSOM Kids follow the IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) rules for youth competition as our guide for the techniques we teach the kids. SASSOM will also assist those parents and kids that would like to try competing in an IMMAF tournament.


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