Yellow Singlet Muay Thai Grading 16/06/16

Congratulation to the guys that graded to Yellow Singlet in Muay Thai at SASSOM MMA. Yellow Singlet is the first grading, it is a very important step in the process of learning Muay Thai. We say “The first step on a journey of a thousand miles, seemingly the hardest step”. The progression of singlets at SASSOM is Yellow, Blue, Navy, Green, Brown, Black, Red.

These guys have been working hard to learn the basic skills, and I look forward to seeing them progress as they refine the skills they have and learn new ones. As you can see SASSOM MMA is for everyone, from the young guns to the old bull it is never too late to come in and try a class. Click on this link to sign up for a free trial.

SASSOM MMA is for sport, self defence, fitness or fun. More information about Muay Thai at SASSOM can be found here.

Yellow Singlet 16:6:16

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