Gym Membership Terms of Membership



The minimum of two weeks’ notice is required to cancel or terminate this contract under normal circumstances. The cancellation is not deemed to have been made until SASSOM has received the notice. You must send us an email to advising us that you would like to cancel your membership, we always reply when we have processed your request.

2. Annual Price Increase
On the 1st of July each year, the Membership Price on your Membership Agreement shall increase by the All Groups Consumer Price Index as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and you agree to this price increase without further notice from SASSOM 24/7.

3. Other Fees
a. You will be charged late fees for failed payments.
b. SASSOM MMA is not responsible for any fees your financial institution or eDebit may apply to your account for any reason whatsoever.
c. There is a fee for each suspension or change to your membership the fee/s are listed on the SASSOM web page “Price List”, all suspensions can be self-managed in our Member Portal via our website or the following link: Member Portal
SASSOM does not notify you when your hold finishes, the management system is fully automated and debits will restart once your suspension ends, or when you swipe your toggle to enter the premises, whichever happens first.
The management system will pro rata all fees, it may take a couple of payment cycles for your fees to return to normal.

4. Cooling Off Period
This contract is also subject to a 48-hour cooling off period. If this contract is canceled during the cooling-off period or due to permanent sickness or disability. The administration fee is the lesser of: the fees already paid or $75.00.


I “The Applicant” intend to apply for remote access to SASSOM 24/7 Fitness & SASSOM MMA “The Facility”. This Remote Access Application exists alongside and in conjunction with the Training Waiver. I, The Applicant, understand and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Interpretations,
a. Interpretations defined under the Training Waiver apply herein to the Remote Access Application.
b. In the event any definition, meaning or interpretation is inconsistent between the Training Waiver and this Remote Access Application the former will prevail.
c. “Remote Access” means the act of any Applicant who chooses to gain entry to The Facility through the use of an access device, designed to unlock The Facility when it may be unstaffed, unsupervised or unmonitored.

2. I, The Applicant, understand The Facility may not be staffed when Remote Access is required.

3. I, The Applicant, understand in the event of any accident, emergency or other circumstance requiring assistance, there may not be any person(s) present to provide support.

4. I, The Applicant, take full responsibility for any injuries, permanent disabilities’ or death caused, suffered or sustained due to gaining Remote Access to The Facility.

5. I, The Applicant, understand I should seek professional advice and instruction on how to use the equipment located in The Facility.

a. I am aware The Provider can provide professional training and instruction on equipment located in The Facility.

b. By choosing not to seek professional training and instruction, I hereby affirm I am capable and confident to use all equipment, areas and spaces in the Facility in a safe, competent and non-harmful manner.

6. I, The Applicant, understand using free weights (non-machine weights) is dangerous, and I should have an experienced person present to assist me when using any type of free weights.

7. I, The Applicant, have been shown where the emergency exits, fire extinguishers, emergency telephones, and duress buttons are located, and should I witness any accident or emergency in The Facility, I have a legal duty to call 000.

8. I, The Applicant, acknowledge if I am responsible for tampering with or misusing the emergency devices, I will be automatically charged the misuse fee as displayed in the facility.

9. I, The Applicant, understand the surveillance cameras located in and around The Facility, are NOT being constantly monitored, and are for recording purposes only.

10. I, The Applicant, understand the access device provided is for my personal use only.

a. If any person, other than The Applicant, accesses The Facility with my remote access device, I may be reported to the police and be subject to legal proceedings.

b. If I, The Applicant, assist any person in illegally accessing The Facility, I may be reported to the police and be subject to legal proceedings.

c. In the event I, The Applicant, assist another person in illegally accessing The Facility, the prevailing casual entry fee will be automatically deducted from The Applicant’s account.

d. I, The Applicant, acknowledge the remote access device remains the property of The Provider at all times and in the event the device is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise altered, I agree to pay all costs associated with the replacement of any aforementioned devices.

11. I, The Applicant, understand that in the event I remove any property from The Facility other than my own personal items and possessions, I may be reported to the police and be subject to legal proceedings.

12. I, The Applicant, understand that i will need to provide a photo of either my drivers licence, passport (If under 16 a parent or guardian will need to provide their id) when I collect my access toggle from SASSOM 24/7 Fitness.

13. I, have watched the SASSOM Safety Video, which can be viewed by clicking this link

I, The Applicant, sign this Remote Access Application by my own free will and do so with full understanding of the above.