24-7 Fitness Gym

About 24-7 Fitness Gym

SASSOM 24-7 Fitness is a fully air-conditioned and fully equipped, purpose built Gym, it is your modern local gym, but with an old-school feel. We set our standards high in cleanliness, service and well-maintained equipment.

At SASSOM 24-7 Fitness you are welcome to come in for a Free Trial to try the gym and equipment before joining. We have a range of affordable gym memberships on our price list page. To ensure you have value for money at SASSOM 24-7 we cap our membership at 300 members.

Cardio Equipment
Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Spin Bikes, Electric Bikes, Grinder, Concept II Rower

Cable Weight Machines
Functional Cable Crossover, Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Leg Press, Seated Row, Hamstring Curl

Plate Loaded Machines
Leg Press, Smith Machines

Free Weights
Dumbbells 1 – 10Kg, Dumbbells 12.5 – 50Kg, Barbells, Trap Bar, Adjustable Benches, Racks and Rigs, More Weight Plates than you will ever use.

Olympic Lifting
Bumper Plates, Training Plates, Platforms, 10-15-20Kg Bars, Chalk – and yes you can drop them when needed

Functional Training
Glute Ham Developer, Rings, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Dip Rack, Ab Slings, Bands, Boxes, Training Tyre, Swiss Ball, Chin Up Bars, Boxing Area/Station

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