Chris "C.J." Rada

About Chris "C.J." Rada

Position at SASSOM MMA:
Assistant Muay Thai Coach & Personal Trainer

At age 15, Chris began his training in Muay Thai for fun and fitness, under coaches Kyl Reber and Marcus Collings.  Back then, he would never have thought Muay Thai would become such a large part of his life.

Chris found training both enjoyable and challenging.  After training to black singlet, he began helping train beginners.  Finding he had a passion for helping others achieve their goals, he then went on to running Muay Thai classes at Chikara Martial Arts.

Chris was not drawn to fighting until 2010, when he competed in an amature competition.  Shortly after this, Chris had time away from full time training to focus on career.  Chris continued his learning with trips to Thailand from then until now.

In 2015, Chris continued training under Marcus Collings and then began assistant coaching at Sassom MMA.

Over his martial arts career, Chris has also trained in Tai Chi Chuan for 7 years, trained and taught Zen Do Kai (acheiving the title of Sensei) as well as having trained and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (achieving blue belt).

My passions for this role are two fold.

My passion for coaching comes in having the ability to help people achieve their goals.  I enjoy being able to help students find and grow their own strengths and abilities as well as seeing them take joy in what they’re learning.  Martial arts gyms are a place for comradery, support, challenge and growth.  Having the opportunity to be a part of such a great school is both an honour and driver for me.

My passion for martial arts lies largely in the benefits of the positive training of body and mind as well as the joy of understanding human machanics.

Favorite Quote:
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Personal Training

Year Commenced PT:: 2015

PT Specialties:: Boxing / Kickboxing for fitness, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, General Fitness

Describe Your PT Style:: I like to create a positive and friendly training space. I'll help you find and set a pace that works for you.

Muay Thai

Year Commenced Muay Thai:: 1997

Current Rank:: Kru - Red Singlet - Assistant Coach

First - Current Muay Thai Instructor:First - Current Muay Thai Instructor:: Kyl Reber, Marcus Collings

Describe Your Muay Thai Game:: Simple and technical offense.  Tight defense.

Best Competition Result:: 1 loss by split decision